At Regal Pharmacy we dispense both NHS and private prescriptions and keep a record of what we supply to our customers so when you bring in a prescription, our records tell us whether you may safely take a medicine with any others you may be taking. We label your medicines to remind you about precautions such us avoiding alcohol and not driving if you feel drowsy. We also provide alternative forms of labelling and reminder chart as well as multi-compartment appliance aid if require. We provide emergency hormonal contraception service; please ask the staff for more details about this service.

We provide a private Health Check service. We can check your glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure.

We offer services to nursing and residential homes from the wide range of the dossete boxes; i.e. blister pack, venalink , nomad and biodose.

New medicine service; if you are taking new medicine for certain medical condition you can be enrolled in this service please ask the duty pharmacist for more details.

New Online Repeat Prescription Service through our website!!!

Now our customers can Register with us through our website and manage their Repeat Prescriptions on-line... It is simple, quick and secure... Customers can now create their own username and password through which they are able to access their own session within our website and send us Repeat Requests of their medication(s) by just clicking on the one(s) they need; this Repeat Request is then received by us saving our customers a journey to their surgery or pharmacy. Once the Repeat Request is received, is then processed and kept ready to be collected by the patient making the whole process very convenient for those with a busy life.

Electronic Transmission of Prescriptions (ETP)

The way the NHS provides prescriptions to patients will be changing soon. In the near future, patients will have their prescription created and sent electronically directly from their GP to their 'nominated' pharmacy where they wish to receive their medication or appliance from. There will be a transition period where both paper and electronic versions will be created simultaneously so that the systems that handle the ETP versions have time to settle in and become the single standard means of issue.

We are asking our regular customers to sign a Nomination Form that will allow us to obtain your electronic prescription from your surgery when the NHS Electronic Prescription Service comes into effect. You will normally be asked to nominate just one pharmacy for your prescriptions to be sent to and dispensed rather than a variety of pharmacies.

Regal Pharmacy is already equipped with computers and systems that are capable of handling electronic prescriptions. When visiting a pharmacy or your surgery keep an eye out for the symbol shown on the right which identifies where the NHS Electronic Prescription Service is being used.